Transfer Transition Program at UC Berkeley

The Transfer Transition Program (TTP), a six-week program for incoming first-generation transfer students, facilitates students' successful transition to UC Berkeley. 

During the program, students take two courses: (1) a 4-unit upper division course (selected from a range of courses), and (2) a 2-unit transition course, Ethnic Studies 194. Ethnic Studies 194 provides students with a range of strategies central to success at UC Berkeley. 

In addition to coursework, TTP students learn about valuable campus programs and resources, and receive dedicated academic counseling to facilitate their success at UC Berkeley. 

The TTP program runs from July 1st to August 9th, 2024, the 6-week session D of UC Berkeley summer session.

Applications are due Friday, June 14th, 2024. To learn more about TTP and how to qualify, check out our FAQ's page.